Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Install Latest Graphics Drivers after Fresh Install of Windows - Easy and Automatic

I am running a new computer build with the following specs:
Intel i7 4770
8gb corsair vengeance RAM (2 cards)
Asrock z87 Extreme3 Motherboard
Asus gtx 770 GPU
Xion 850W PSU

I was just trying to install the latest drivers after a fresh install of windows 8 for my GTX 770. It couldn't even finish installing before I got a Memory Management BSOD. Are any drivers more stable that I can use? I've heard nothing but bad things about all of the drivers available for my GPU.

driver update for video card
Install Graphics Driver


Why Install Latest Display Card (GPU) Drivers?

There is always a debate on whether to install latest drivers or not. Personally, I would prefer the latest unless it is not compatible with the device. Reasons of installing latest graphics drivers are as follows:

  • For gamers, it is especially important to keep GPU driver up to date because the latest video drivers can resolve graphics issues/crashes and improve gaming experience.
  • Graphics driver is more often updated by manufactures, like once a month or more. So we should frequently check for graphics driver update to ensure we have the latest drivers installed.

How to Install the Latest Graphics Drivers - Keep GPU Drivers Up to Date

We have manual and automatic option to install the latest drivers.

For manual install, you need to determine the video card manufacture and its chipset manufacture (NVIDIA, Intel, AMD/ATI, etc.) and model number, write down the chipset manufacture which provides you with the driver. It is not that hard to identify the manufactures but it is never so easy. When determination is complete, visit manufacture's website and see whether there is newer driver for your device.

For automatic install, it is much easier! You don't need to determine the device manufacture and visit their website, you only need to download and install a driver finder and updater program, here totally free tool DriveTheLife is recommended and taken as the example to prove how easy it is to automatically update graphics drivers.

Step 1: Download and install DriveTheLife. >>DriveTheLife official site
Step 2: When the installation is done, it will start an automatic scan for all your drivers
Step 3: Go to Download board, if there are any drivers available to update, it will show you and let you update all with one click.

install latest gpu driver
Update Drivers

Note that all the drivers provided by DriveTheLife is official or WHQL. We don't make drivers, we only move the drivers from official site or WHQL agent, gather ,well order and estimate them so that to provide you with the best matched drivers. 

Cool Tip: If you have serious display problems on Windows 8 and it is not the source of hardware, you might as well try downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7. Sometimes driver performs terribly on Windows 8 but perfectly on Windows 7.

If you have serious network driver problems, refer to this guide: How to Fix Network Driver Issues
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