Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10 Driver Compatibility Issues - How to Resolve

Windows 10 is released and the big day is made, uh? Have you already installed Windows 10? Are you fed up with driver compatibility issues after the upgrade?

mandatory automatic windows update

Mandatory Automatic Updates on Windows 10 - Benefits and Drawbacks

Have you ever read the EULA when installing Windows 10? The new rule is much different than before and the biggest concern is "automatic updates without any additional notice" which basically indicates mandatory automatic Windows updates regardless if you want them or not.

It can't be denied that there are many benefits of getting Windows updates because you can always keep your computer up to date and benefit from the new features. However, there are inevitable side effects like many users reported:

"Automatic download, especially for drivers is a bad idea. They should be optional. A bad graphics driver can screw your whole week!"

"Please, stop with automatic GPU drivers download in the Windows Update."

Except the driver issues, users are also reporting problems on bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

"Does anyone know if Bluetooth is working properly...? Only reason I uninstalled Windows 10 Preview was because Bluetooth speaker connection was hit and miss. It works flawlessly on 7"

"Network adapter for WiFi need to be reset on every boot."

There are more reports about the same issues and other such as problems with Intel and AMD, audio, mouse and touchpad drivers. 

How to Resolve Driver Issues after Upgrading to Windows 10?

It is never an easy task to solve driver problems especially you are not familiar with computer working and connecting principle. Generally, there are 3 ways to fix driver issues. If you are not good at solving problems by your own, maybe I would introduce you an automatic driver repair tool DriveTheLife, a free and professional driver updater, finder and manager.

It will automatically scan your drivers and identify the ones in problem, missing, outdated, corrupted and then install the right ones with one click. Try it out to see if the driver problem is cleared up.

driver compatibility issue

No Internet after System Win 10 Update?

If your case is that there is no internet connection after the Windows 10 update, you may need to install a special tool called DriveTheLife for Network Card which will download and install the best-matched network driver without internet connection.

Extended Tip

Share Your Computer Internet with Other Devices without Wireless Router

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