Thursday, July 9, 2015

Create Free WiFi Hotspot on Windows Computer - 160WiFi, Easy and Quick!

wifi hotspot creator for windows computer


Need WiFi to Surf the Internet

Holding a WiFi iPad without a wireless router?
You have only one wired Ethernet connection but there are a room of devices that are internet-starved? 
Your smartphone is running out of cellular data and needs to connect to free WiFi?

In such cases, the quick and easy solution is to create a free WiFi hotspot and share the internet with others. Let's learn how 160WiFi helps to turn your Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista desktop or laptop/notebook into a free WiFi hotspot.

That is, with 160WiFi installed and launched on your computer, it will become a wireless router right away.

How to Make Your Computer a Wireless Router?

Step 1: Download and install 160WiFi on your Windows computer. Free download 160WiFi now.

Note: Make sure your computer's wireless adapter is working in order to setup a WiFi hotspot.

Step 2: When it is launched, it will try to start the WiFi hotspot automatically. In normal case, the WiFi hotspot will be setup in seconds.

Step 3: Till now, you have had access to the WiFi on your smartphone, tablet, other computer, etc. already. You can customize the WiFi name, literally called SSID, and the password to prevent thief stealing the internet.

Step 4: After your phone, tablet or computer connected to the WiFi, you can find them under Connected Devices. There is even detailed information of your connected devices. 

Further Features of 160WiFi

In the bottom left, do you realize the dial with a pointer? It is a network speed tester. Click it to test your network speed easily and conveniently.

And next to the WiFi Hotspot, it is the Remote Controller. Click the tab, you will find a QR code on the panel. To scan the QR code, it will redirect you to 160WiFi for Mobile. If needed, you can install 160WiFi for Mobile on your phone. Then you can control your computer on your phone after that.

160wifi for mobile

Simple, free and quick, yeah? Let's start enjoying the free and unlimited WiFi with 160WiFi!

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