Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Fix Device Driver Problems with One Click

Sometimes, your computer just can’t work properly and you even don’t know what is wrong with it. In most cases, it is the problem of hardware drivers that makes your computer  not working.  Though Windows 7 and Windows 8 has inbuilt driver support for many hardware devices, there is still a big chance that the inbuilt support can’t troubleshoot the problem. You need a more powerful fix for it. 

Common Fixes for Driver Problems We Have Learnt Before

Since driver problem is a common problem on computers,  we can get various solutions for it by searching on google. The general fixes are listed in the below:

1. Windows Hardware Troubleshooter

The first thing to try is to use the Windows automatic hardware troubleshooter.  Open it as follows:
Start > Enter “fix hardware” in the search box > Choose “Find and fix problems with devices” from the search results.

It should be a Window like in the picture. Then Next,  it will start detecting problems and check for missing and corrupted drivers.

All installed devices will be searched through and if there is something wrong detected with this troubleshooter, it will offer a choice to “Apply this fix” or “Skip this fix”. This is a great fix if it works! However, if it does not work, read on.

2.  Update Drivers

The method most commonly suggested and used is to update the driver for your hardware that is not working.  There are 3 methods introduced to update your drivers: through Windows Update, Download from manufacture’s website and install it yourself, through free software DriveTheLife.

However, you can also do the driver update by this direct video tutorial of how to update drivers on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista with One Click for Free.

3. Fresh Install of Windows

If the problem is so stubborn that we can’t solve it with the above two methods,  maybe someone would pick the worst but 100% efficient method: do a clean install of Windows system.  That is OK but not suggested here because I just want to introduce you the one-click way. 

What is the One-click Way of Troubleshooting Driver Problems?

You may think that it is impossible to fix driver problems with just one click. But this is true to DriveTheLife, a free and professional driver updater and manager.  Just do as follows and download it to use for proof.  
  • Install it just like any other software
  • When install is done, launch it. It will start the automatic scanning without any advanced configurations
  • If there is something wrong with your hardware device drivers, like driver is missing, corrupted/broken, it will identify the problematic driver(s) and offer an option “Repair”.  Click Repair, all the problematic drivers will be fixed!

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