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Solutions to "Can't Connect to Internet after Computer Reformatted"

"My laptop, HP Probook 4440s, had spyware and after multiple attempts to remove it through 2 different anti-virus software, I reformatted the hard drive, and reinstalled Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit from the Windows CD.

Now my laptop can't see any available networks regardless of whether I plug in or try wirelessly. I am stuck on the situation of no drivers and no internet. The network and sharing center shows nothing to enable when I go in to the adapter settings. Can you help please?"

                                                         --- Question asked from HP Community

Network is Not Available after Reinstalling Windows

After a Windows system reformat, if you don't have the driver disk came with your computer or you didn't download needed drivers before format, the case is so embarrassing that you have no drivers and no internet access to download the drivers. If you are stuck on that a suck situation, how to get out?

Solutions to No Drivers and No Internet Access after System Format

To get out of "no drivers and no internet access" situation, you have 2 workarounds.
Note: Another internet-available PC is needed to download the drivers or the automatic software in order to solve your problem.

Solution 1. Use Automatic Driver Finder to Download and Install Needed Driver

A quick and easy way is to use an automatic driver finder to find and install network drivers automatically. You may wonder that all driver finder software need internet connection in order to find the proper driver to install. But it is different for DriveTheLife for Network Card, a free tool specially designed to solve various network driver problems, stands out with the outstanding feature of downloading and installing network card driver without internet connection.
troubleshoot network driver issue

Download it from anther computer and transfer it to your computer. After the installation, you would find that the wired and wireless network drivers are installed. The drivers are installed when installing DriveTheLife from the in-built driver pool.

Obviously, after the network drivers are installed, you will have normal internet access. Launch DriveTheLife for Network Card, it will find all needed drivers and install them with one click.  

Solution 2. Download Drivers from Another Computer then Install It Manually

It has never been that easy to download drivers for a specific hardware device. You need to look into the details of the device, search the "specific device name + driver" on google then choose an reliable result to download driver or search it on manufacture's website.

After that, download the driver file and save it on a USB stick or removable media, transfer it to your computer. Then click the .exe file to install.

If nothing unexpected happened and the driver is the correct, your computer internet should be good to go.

How to Prevent "No Drivers and No Internet Access" Situation?

To avoid the "no drivers, no internet" accident happening, you are advised to backup all your drivers before reformatting the system, or keep firmly of the driver disk came with your computer and system.

If you are upgrading your system and no backup drivers, no disks, DriveTheLife for Network Card can help you in all events.

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