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Top Solutions to “Computer Can’t Connect to WiFi” Issue


I have a Lenovo Ideapad with Windows 8. I connected to the WiFi and it worked fine last night, but now it says it can't connect and the other people with me can connect. I have the password correct so I can't figure out what's wrong. I tried rebooting it. It didn't work.

Laptop or desktop can't connect to WiFi problem exists here and there. Fixes are different for different users. Below I will list what I know that help to fix WiFi connection problem. Please add your fix if it is not in the list. Thanks.

I have Windows 7 in my hand, so the demonstrations are based on Windows 7.

Fix 1: Disable Wireless Adapter and Enable It Again

  • Click Start menu.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • Find Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click Change Adapter Settings from the left bar.
  • Locate your wireless adapter and right click on it.
  • Choose Disable.
  • Then click Enable.
disable wireless network adapter
Disable Wireless Network Adapter

Fix 2: Renew Your IP Address

Renewing IP address will prevent IP conflicts when your computer and another on the network have the same IP address.
  • Open Windows command prompt: Start > Input cmd to search program.
  • Release IP address: ipconfig/release > Enter.
  • Renew IP address: ipconfig/renew >Enter.
  • Exit the command prompt box.

Fix 3: Restart Your Computer and Wireless Router

Fix 4: Update Wireless Card Driver

You have 3 ways to update wireless driver. Smart driver updater Driver Talent is recommended because of its easy steps and quick speed.

In order to have a clean reinstall of the wireless adapter driver, you need to remove/uninstall the original wireless driver. Launch Driver Talent and go to Uninstall section. After this, scan your hardware drivers with Driver Talent. It will detect the missing wireless adapter driver and install it with one click.

wifi not working

Fix 5: Clear Computer Glitches and Change a Wireless Network Card

Due to overheating or old age, computer's network adapter might suffer a sudden failure which results to the network connection interruption. Viruses and worms also may disable or block a computer's network interfaces from functioning properly.

So if there is no way after you contact your internet service provider, try to replace the old wireless network card.

Fix 6: Reset the Winsock Catalog

If you can't connect to the internet and got the message "Limited Connectivity" and "IP4V - No internet access" IPV6 - No internet access", maybe you need to reset the winsock catalog. Do as follows:

1. Run cmd as administrator

  • Start >Search cmd >Right Click "Run as administrator" (Ctrl +Shift + Enter)


  • Start > All Programs >Accessories > Command Prompt >Run as administrator 

Note that if the User Account Control dialog box appears, click "Yes" to allow the change.

2. Input netsh winsock reset, press enter, you will get this dialog box (shown in the below)

3. Restart your computer.

WiFi not working after Windows 10 update? Read this article to get problems resolved.  Top 2 ways to fix no WiFi available on Windows 10 update.

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Last updated on 13th May, 2015


  1. well, ive followed these 6steps. but why its still show "no internet access"?

  2. i tried all the ways but it did not work

  3. failed... i followed every single step but cant connect to my internet... please anyone help me

    1. What is the exact problem of your internet connection?

    2. It says that limited access its fine after I remome something. Now troubleshoot says that something wrong with my driver.

  4. So i tried fix 2, but it says that the rpc server is unavailable. What should i do?