Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bluetooth Devices Not Working after Installing Windows 10

fix bluetooth not working on windows 10

After the Windows 10 upgrade by Microsoft, various issues happened on bluetooth devices. 

1. "I just bought some new bluetooth headphones and they are working great with the new  Windows 10 upgrade. But my phone is not able to send files through bluetooth OR WiFi. It shows that they are paired up and that was not problem, but there is no transfer taking place. It is quite annoying."

2. "Since I installed Windows 10 yesterday (upgrade from 8.1), my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 (yes, yes, Microsoft!) is no longer detected.
I'm trying everything I can to get it working on my Samsung laptop but to no avail.
Microsoft don't even offer a single driver download for this mouse so I really don't know what to do."

3. "After 8.1 to 10 Windows update, bluetooth has issues on a Pavillion x2.
No bluetooth icon.
Device manager says device fine.
Update driver icon for bluetooth device dimmed could not select.
Uninstalled device, still no work.
Digging into device manager for the Mediatec bluetooth adapter, I found ERR 441 kernel PnP."

How to Resolve Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10?

For bluetooth mouse, try the fix below:
  • Remove the mouse from Settings > Devices > Bluetooth > Manage Bluetooth Devices
  • Uninstall the Generic Microsoft Bluetooth device: Device Manager > Bluetooth. Click "Scan for hardware changes", then Windows will automatically identify the bluetooth adapter and install a correct device driver
  • Press pairing button on mouse
  • Go back to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth> Manage bluetooth devices and see if your mouse is listed as "ready to pair".

For bluetooth driver issues, try the fix below:

1. Completely uninstall the old bluetooth driver
  • Start > Input Device Manager > Press enter to open the Device Manager
  • Scroll down the devices list and find your Bluetooth device
  • Spread it and double click to open the Properties window
  • Click Driver tab > Uninstall
Note that sometimes there will be leftovers and broken registry files in the uninstallation from Device Manager. In this case, it is important to use automatic driver uninstaller to completely uninstall drivers.

2. After the driver uninstallation, reinstall the new driver for bluetooth device

To reinstall the driver, you can restart computer and let Windows search for and download, install driver.

However, I would recommend third party automatic driver install tool which will identify the missing driver and install correct and best-matched driver with one click.
Read more about uninstall and reinstall drivers for Windows here.

If the methods outlined above still can't solve your problem, try installing the package from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48231. After that, restart your computer.

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